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At Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel, we love to get updates about our puppies.  Many of our customers send pictures and updates about their new family members.  Please browse through some of the comments from our happy customers who have agreed to be references for us.  I understand that it can be a little intimidating to do business online so I hope my references will help ease your mind if you are considering adopting one of our puppies.  Please feel free to click on their email addresses if you would like to contact them for a reference.  My veterinarian is also available for a reference. His contact information is available upon request.

I took baby Weebo to a family festival last night at one of our local farms to get a pumpkin. They had music, lots of people with there dogs and kids. He got in a good amount of socialization and had a blast. He only had an issue with a shady pregnant goat that didn't seem to fond of him. Lol He is growing beautifully and is well over 100 pounds now. Happiest boy ever:) Next weekend we are taking him camping and to see the Charlies Daniel band for a benefit concert for Veteran's. He loves being around people and getting attention:)  I do not mind at all if you post our pictures. I also wouldn't mind you posting my email for references. Weebo is an amazing boy and brings lots of joy and happiness to my family and everyone he meets:) I am one proud mama!! 

Heather Morgan


Just want to Thank you helping us get our beautiful female boxer Zoey! From start to finish Tammy is a pure professional and a great person to deal with. She took care of everything! She arranged her flight to Minnesota, she had all her papers and microchip information with her. Along with health check ups and vaccinations. Tammy is very easy to talk to and is great about answering questions before and long after you receive your dog. We've had ours a year now and I can tell she has great bloodlines!! Very smart, muscular and beautiful. I highly recommend this breeder and kennel to anyone looking for a great dog!! Thank you so much  


Checking in to say hello....Laila is doing great! So full of energy and makes us laugh everyday...She loves her toys and going to the dog park...We had her spayed a couple of weeks ago and she did great! Didn't even need to use the cone of shame! We feel so fortunate to have her in our family.  I would recommend your boxer puppies to anyone I know. Lisa Nicol



This email is long overdue. I would like to take a moment to express my extreme gratitude toward you and Spencer Shady Grove Kennel.  I can not say enough about the care and professionalism you exhibit.  From the guarantee on the health to ensuring the proper travel arrangements for the puppy. I was impressed and grateful that you are selective with the airline that provides the best accommodations for out new pet. Our newest family member Leila (renamed from Delilah) has been such a joy. We had 2 boxers before her and she reminds us of them while filling the void from their loss.This was the first time we purchased from a breeder and we will now only go through you. Its because we have been so pleased with you service  that we are now buying our second boxer from you , Kody!  The family can't wait to see him. Thank you again for all your help in getting our family wonderful boxers,
Nick Medina


This is the latest picture of Diesel. He is almost 11 months old now and weighs 110 pounds. He is a complete joy to have around. He loves everybody and wants to be with us all the time.  Dewey <>


Our experience with Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel was wonderful. From the first contact my husband made with Tammy we had faith that things would go well. Neither of us had ever bought a dog without it being in person so we were nervous about him traveling but things went so smooth and we were actually able to track his flights on line. Logan has been a great addition to our family and I would recommend Tammy and her Kennel to anyone.  

Mr Magnum is 9 months old and last weigh in was a little over 125, he is on a calcium supplement of low fat cottage cheese (and loves it) for his rapid growing legs and large chest!♡ vet is quite proud of his growth and healthy structure! He is a big puppy still! We can't thank you enough for this humungous ball of fur and slobbers!♡

Hi there, I would like to say how thankful I am to you.  In searching for my fur baby, you answered any questions I had and you were really easy to communicate with. Very reliable and you sent my mastiff to me very clean n healthy. Your company is very trustworthy. I would recommend you over n over again and I cant wait till the timing is right to purchase my next one from you in the future.  I would gladly recommend you and be a reference for anyone that has questions. I am very happy with your services and how fast you always respond to me. I had no issues getting my girl home and you even answered them at the border for me when I had to get her across to Canada. I'm thankful for that. Thank u again

Hi Tammy,
Sure you can use us for a reference.  Beau is a great puppy.  He loves people and is so gentle with other dogs.  He is a star at his dog training classes, and a definite clown at times.  Not to mention, so handsome!  We would most definitely recommend you for anyone else wanting to add a gentle giant to their family!   He will be 8 months old on Tuesday, and is a whopping 111 lbs.  He most definitely makes me smile every day!  Vicki Kording 
Hello Tammy;
Just thought we would drop you a line to say we adore our Sherman. He is doing great and is a perfect fit for our family. Sending a couple of pics for you to see, although I think the flash kinda got to him. Lol
Thanks again for sending us a love, he is perfect in everyway!
Cheryl Burdon

Harley is such a joy to have in our family! You are great to work with and eased all my concerns. Harley is everything we wanted and more. Thanks again!! Debbie


Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to own one of your puppies.  We purchased your puppy named Boss a few months ago and he is such a sweet boy.  We renamed him Myles. Wanted to share a couple of pics with you.Feel free to post, I am happy to be a reference for such great dogs, my wife and I have commented multiple times since that we cant imagine life without a boxer in it.  Doesn't get any better than this.
Sincerely, Greg Brown 


Dallas is such a blessing to us:) When we're ready for  another so he can have a playmate, we'll definitely be buying another from you! Taylor


Hello Tammy,
Just a quick update on our wonderful puppy Mahli. She has been such a great addition to our family and Cana truly appreciates her new sister! They are inseparable and play and cuddle 24/7! We couldn't have asked for a better puppy!! Thanks again!! Best regards, Cliff & Julia


Just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how happy we have been with our Boxer, Isabelle. She Is funny intelligent and just beautiful.
Everyday is a new adventure and she keep us busy playing and laughing a lot. She loves our dachshund that was already in the home. 
They have become the best of friends. Here are a couple of cute pictures, she was a part of the litter from Duke and Duchess named Dawn 
that was born in June of 2015. Crystal Robinson

Dakota has been a perfect fit for our family! He is doing great! Super healthy and about 60-65 lb. He is so comical! We love love love him. Hope all is going well for you, your husband and yall's kennel. Take care. Carroll and Lori


Hi Tammy,
I bought my lhasa puppy from you August 2013 she is the love of my life. You gave her a great foundation, and gave me a loving, beautiful little one to love! She stayed little, she is only 13 lbs, but boy does she LOVE to eat! not fussy at all!  Nancy 
Hi Tammy!
This is Kelsey again. Just wanted to send you a few photos from the last few months. Iggy is now 21 weeks old. And he's growing every day! 
He's such a cuddle bug, loves going on car rides, him and his "brother" are best buddies. 
I adore him so much and I cant thank you enough! 

Bree is very healthy. Attached are some pictures of our spoiled baby I thought you might enjoy. Debbie & Gary 

In recognition of the anniversary of Getting Daphne, I thought I'd share some pictures. She has been a truly wonderful addition to my house and is very special! I can't imagine life without her!
James Fogle

I just wanted to give you an update on Duke (who we renamed Fleury…as in a “snow flurry” and Marc Andre Fleury the goalie from the Pittsburgh Penguins!!!!!)

Thank you again for our new addition to the family….we wouldn’t trade him for the world!!! I hope his siblings are doing well!!!


Roux is so smart, sweet, and loves to please us. He's very spoiled but also trained. He's about to swim, he's been in the water since we first got him, we know he can swim...but he gets nervous. Hoping once he sees another dog swim after a will Roux. We love him so much and am so glad your a breeder.
Tracy and John 

Beauty ( Boujee)😍is getting so big. I have to tell you she is the sweetest girl ever. She loves to hug & cuddle! Non stop play of course! We love her can't get enough of her. My 3 kids actually fight over her, who is going to sleep with her or play with her. She was really easy to house train. Thank you!!!! Linda
Thank you so very much for Chanel. She is definitely one of a kind. I hope you enjoy these pics of how she's matured. She is now a year and a half. We taught her stacking as we are beginning to show her. She's gorgeous hopefully she wins. She is a fantastic little girl. She weighs about 12 pounds and is so full of energy it's hard to keep up with her.  Frank, Heather, Frankie, and Vintonio Colombo
I thought I would give you an update on the puppies.  They turned 6 months today.  We had them both spayed last week.  Both girls are doing well and made a quick recovery.  Daisy, our Angel is 10.4 lbs and Lilly, the little Devil is 8.14 lbs.  They are both great natured, fun loving, adorable little puppies.  They are a huge part of our family and I can’t begin to tell how wonderful it is having them around.
just wanted to let you know how amazing little ceaser is...i would not trade him for the world!!! He is so grown up now, its amazing how much he understands, he is definitely our little prince!
 Hey!  I just wanted to let you know Amos is doing wonderful!  He is absolutely the best dogI could ask for! He is spoiled rotten though lol  I will email you pictures as soon as I can. 
I have enclosed some recent pictures along with a few mixed in from a few months ago.  The blue collar indicates his younger pictures and the black collar is the most recent.   The black collar he has earned says "Bad to the Bone".   I wouldn't mind at all if you posted any part of my e-mails as I am very proud of him and wouldn't mind at all  to be a reference for such good quality Beagles.  Sandi
Just wanted to fill you in on how well Marlo is doing! He's getting bigger day by day, full of energy and is such a loving dog! I cant express how much i thank you for allowing me to have such a great friend!
I wanted to send you an update with pictures and a little video I made of all our of babies - dogs of course!  :-)
We absolutely love having Bella in our life and she definitely whips the other two into shape!!
Video Link:  
Picture Gallery Link:
I just wanted to send y'all an email to thank you again for Duchess. She is such a gift to our family and we just love her. She is so much fun even though she has a mind of her own and keeps me company when my husband is always gone. I just wanted to share a few pictures of her and how much she has grown! She is around 8 1/2 pounds now. 
Thanks so much!! Amanda
Hi there, I just wanted to update you on Tank (renamed to Baloo) He is such a terrific boy and couldn't ask for a better dog. He has a great personalilty and temperment. He's a spoiled baby boy for sure and is adapted very quickly here in his new home! I will send pictures soon. Thank you we'd highly recommend you guys to anyone that wants a puppy!
Hey Tammy!!
It's Jenny and Jacob Francis!! We wanted to share some pictures of Callie! She is such a joy to us and has really helped us cope with the loss of Molly. She is so playfull and her and our other dog Dixie are getting along so great!! We really appreciate you working with us!! The first couple pictures were from when we picked her up. She was a little scared but once we got her home we started playing and she came around!! We love her so much and she is a great addition to our family!
Once again thank you so much!!


Jay and I are soo loving Ms. Lilly Lou. We were quietly sitting by our fireplace tonight and Lilly decided to go through our pet door alone. Jay went to see what she was doing and she was doing #1 and #2 and then she came back in all by herself.  So amazing for a pup of this age..9 1/2 weeks old.  I know you told us that you introduced your very young puppies to the pet door. How sure worked. Thank you very much for enriching our lives with such a very bright and special little girl. We love her dearly. 
Drs. Jay and Cindy Baker
I wanted to send a quick update and let you know how much we love Brady!!
He's such a sweet boy and he's doing great!!  He's 5 months old now.  We will send more pictures as he continues to grow!  Hope all is well!!  Kathleen Porter   

Hi Tammy,
I am writing in regards to Zippy.  He is doing so wonderful here in Rhode Island, but I must tell you we did change his name to Rex.  (Rex was a name we had identified for the dog we choose when we first started looking, but I must say "Zippy" would have fit him much better:)  He is very quick and enjoys running all around our home.  He is such a joy to have and there is never a dull moment here when Rex is around.  Everywhere we go people comment on his beautiful coloring as well as him just simply being adorable.
We wanted to say thank you for sending us such a wonderful dog.  He has fit right in with our family and we couldnt have asked for a better dog.  He is so lovable and affectionate and has such a personality.
Thanks again, Julie and Jim  

All I can say to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy kennel,  look no further than Tammy Spencers kennel. Our little Apso "Rascal", came to us healthy, clean, and happy. She is very caring and keeps every promise she makes. We couldnt have chosen a better pup or kennel. Anyone may contact me for a reference at any time. Thank you Tammy! Sincerely Jeff from ohio. 


Today we celebrated Roxie's first birthday! You may remember her better as Daisy, from Duke & Dolly Ann 😊 My daughter told me a few months ago that she wanted to send Roxie's original mom and dad some photos on her birthday. She was worried that they may miss her a lot and worry about her. So, I followed through with her request and put together a few of her first year. Roxie has filled our hearts with so much love ( and lots of laughter too)! She's intelligent, stubborn at times, affectionate and spoiled rotten! She quickly became a very special part of our family and we love her dearly. I hope you enjoy the photos.



I just wanted to send a quick update email with a few pictures of Rush (formerly Axel). He is such a joy! What a great personality, and so healthy and quick to learn. He has caught on the potty training even better than we hoped, and he makes us laugh a hundred times a day with his antics. Thank so much for the care you take with the puppies! It shows. Thanks again! 
Mallory Bope


To: Tammie Spencer:
I just wanted to give you an update on “allie” the Lhasha Apso puppy that we recently purchased from you.  Although she was a sweet loving little thing the night we bought her, she turned into an eight pound ball of energy two days later.  Seriously, she is full of life and thriving having become the boss of the house. I have attached a some pictures taken after her first trip to the groomer and a picture of “Buddy”, the previous boss of the house. Harry Flagel


I bought Arthur the Lhasa Apso from you last year. We renamed him Toby which fits him so well. He is a beautiful dog and I couldn’t be happier with our addition.  I cannot figure out what color he is but he is complemented all the time for his rare color. We love him very much. Thanks again, Keri.


Just wanted to give you an update. (pictures will come later) Jax is doing very well and has settled into "family life" VERY well. The kids are his favorites...but thats why we got a boxer!! LOL. He is loving life and Scott and I are so very happy with him!! Thank you!!!

Tasha Holcomb


I attached some pics of Bailey, now named Lucy.  She is a GREAT addition to our family!  She is a happy, healthy, friendly pup.  We LOVE her! 
You may use the pictures, and I will gladly be a reference.  We appreciate the great care you put into your pups. Our vet even complimented you when we took Lucy in for her next round of shots. She said everything checked out great and that Lucy had really good joints, a sign of a good breeder.  
Thanks for doing a great job :)  Lisa



Hello Tammy!
My name is Sami Roper my fiancé and I purchased "Diego" back in January. We drove all the way from Tennessee.  I just wanted to update you on Gunner (his new name) and let you know how happy he makes us!! We is a wonderful dog with so much personality. He is very outgoing and everyone just loves him. I couldnt ask for a better pup. Thank you so much for breeding and taking care of such wonderful dogs. He was so worth the drive! I have attached several photos of us and Gunner just so you can seem him now, and there is one where he is tormenting his cousins lol (my parents 5 & 7 year old IG's)


Tammy,  We absolutely love this little guy. He brings us so much joy .He's very attached to both my husband me and my son. He misses us when one is not here of course he is so spoiled. He also loves other dogs and cats and people as well. He's a wonderful little dog.  Vets say he's a very healthy dog.  Carlene


Tammy, We went camping this Labor Day weekend, & of course both the dogs went with us. Everyone who saw them remarked how pretty they are, but especially the pup. Everybody fell in love with her. I even had someone ask where I got her, so I gave her your phone number & web site. Also gave her my name. Hopefully you have another customer! Mizzie & Pipi have really enjoyed camping, but they weren't too crazy about being in the boat. Thanks for raising such great dogs! Rog & I love them a lot!


Good Afternoon Tammy,
I hope all is going well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. 
Violet (although I think she thinks her name is Sweet Pea) and I most certainly did. 
I wanted to take a minute to thank you again and to give you an update. 
From the start she has been the best puppy I've ever had. 
She practically came potty trained thanks to you. That is a blessing in and of itself. 
She is the happiest and sweetest dog and she has captured not only my 
heart but everyone she meets. Her Vet and his entire staff didn't want her to leave 
when we visited them. Thank you again for my sweet and elegant Violet! 
She's truly a joy to me!  Jessica


I have purchased 2 Italian greyhounds from Tammy in the past year and I couldn't be happier. Not only were the dogs a picture of health, they were beautiful and very friendly. Tammy was very quick to respond to all of my emails and was easy to deal with. Her and her husband are kind, down to earth people and Tammy even went out of her way to help out with the purchase of my first puppy. I did not want to fly the pup in but I couldn't make the 6 hour one way drive to her kennel. She agreed to drive 2 hours out of the way to meet me for a pick up. I will be using spencers kennel for any other dog purchases and would highly recommend them to anyone else. 


Hi Tammy, Just wanted to send you a few pictures and let you know the puppies are doing great. They have both adjusted well and are so loved by our daughters!  They named Hope, Lily and named Heather, Mocha.  Thank you so much for everything. 

Hope you have a Merry Christmas. 
Kim & Scott Dwelley


Hi Tammy. Roxie is doing awesome up here in St. Louis! Almost a year old. I might have a friend sold on a boxer puppy. I hope they are as happy as we are.  Jon

Thank you again Tammy, you breed wonderful IG's with great temperament and I'd recommend you to all qualified new pet owners! Raising two (puppies together) is even easier then one in my opinion :)
They play and keep each other company, they tire themselves out! Having litter mates was a great decision!  I would also recommend having a good pet insurance plan so you never have to worry about getting the best veterinary care available, just in case :)  Tyrone is a big boy, he weighs about 17 pounds now and he is LIGHTING fast! He runs laps around everyone in the park and can turn on a dime ! He is absolutely robust!
Abby is smaller of course still, she weighs in at about 13 pounds and she is definitely the boss of the two regardless of her stature! Also very agile and quick, she is the only one able to keep up with her bother. She is very sweet and elegant and loves to chew on her bothers feet!  Best friends :)
Cheers! Derek


Ruger doing great; so smart and loving.Smiling Face with Halo
He is doing sit, down, up, sit and stay, leave it/take it, shaking hands and heeling pretty well on my left side. No potty accidents in a long time and has learned to ring a set if sleigh bells we hung next to the door when he wants out. Also goes to kennel on command and without command when he sees we are getting ready for bed.  You are doing a great job breeding for smart and temperament.
Paul & Marti


We purchased a Beagle puppy from Spencer's Shady Grove Kennels in May of this year.  He was beautiful,  and very healthy.  In fact our veterinarian was very impressed with how healthy he was. We ended up purchasing two females in June. 
Tammy was wonderful, and I was impressed with her love for her dogs.
I would advice anyone who was looking for a puppy to purchase one from Spencer's Shady Grove Kennels.


Lily is adjusting wonderfully! We went to the vet today for a checkup and she is now 6lbs 7oz :) she barely cries at night in her kennel. By barely i mean mean less than 2 min all night!  Potty training is still a work in progress but hey it is all new. She is starting to like her shirts and sweaters and doesnt mind her harness. We just LOVE having her here! Our daughter and Lily are like bffs, where one goes the other is at their side.


Stella (or Lydia that you had named her) is 1 today!!!!! She has been the best little doggy for our family. She has the best personality.
I'm so glad that we found you so we could give Stella a wonderful life. Tonight we are having a party for her. Complete with the peanut butter cookie I baked (in the photo) and gifts.
Sincerely, Danielle Ringstaff


We love our dog so much! Very affectionate and great demeanor. Her new name is Gianna. You can follow her on her Facebook page Gianna de Stonza! She goes to work with me everyday. Not sure if you are familiar with KC but I work on the Country Club Plaza and its a nice area. Most stores have doggie water bowls available at front doors. She has become quite well known on the Plaza. I'm convinced she is so sweet because she came from such a good place. :) 


My husband and I bought a boxer from you about 2 years ago. You called her Jasmine. We renamed her Stella. I just thought that you probably love to see pictures of your puppies once they get a bit older.  She is an absolute joy and I can't imagine our family without her! She has had lots of training and knows so many commands and is such a fast learner! I have attached a photo for you. As you can see she is a poser! She stands about 22 inches ( at shoulder) and weighs 73 pounds. Have a Merry Christmas!  Rhianna Presley 


Hey Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel, 

I'm emailing to update you on my little girl formerly known as Sweet Pea.  Hydee is her new name.  She's eating really well and looks great.  She is loved by all her new neighbors and their dogs, and the entire vet staff.  She can't walk around the block without meeting people and new doggy friends.  I'm attaching some pictures I've taken as she's grown so quickly it's hard to keep the pictures in order.  I get great compliments on her coat and color how pretty it is all the time.

Thank you again so much for everything.  She's truly a blessing to have as a part of my family and also brings great joy to my parents dog when they get together for play dates.  Thanks again,

~Adam G.


My Iggy was born June 21, 2014 & I received her August 17, 2014. She has been nothing but a blessing to our family and we couldn't imagine not having her with us. When we picked her up Tammy was very helpful in showing us how to care for her, because we had never owned an IG before. After our experience with Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel we would definitely go through them again and again. We were and are still very happy with our Nellie girl. She is everything I could have hoped for and more! Thank you to everyone at Spencer's for the love and care you provided our special girl until we could take her home!  Desiree


Hi! I wanted to share some pictures of Winston (was diesel) He is awesome and we love him!! Full of personality :) Thank you again, I'm sure this won't be our last boxer from you. :) Kaitlyn 


Hello, my name is Dave Byrne. I bought a female named Molly from you about two years ago and she's absolutely amazing! The best dog I've had, she is so sweet and mellow. I'm sold on the breed and will be a mastiff owner the rest of my life . So good with the kids and all our guests.  You were really great to work with, very professional.


Hi!  Sending you pics of Molly from this past weekend.  She went to the Dr today and she now weighs 13 lbs. and he said she is doing great.  She has decided that our 3 yr old grandson is hers.  She definitely claims him, plays with him, and watches out for him.  She is a headstrong little girl, but we love her to pieces.  Again, thank you so much for allowing us to bring this little energetic joy into our lives. 


Hello again Tammy, 
Of course you can use us as a reference!! We would be happy to do it. :)) We adore her so much and we couldn't be more grateful to you. She had her first day at an off leash dog park yesterday. We have a really big one right by our house. She was a little overwhelmed at first, but got used to it quickly. She loved running around with all the other pups. She even got muddy near the creek! She also had a blast at her first puppy class. There are 4 other puppies in her class and her current best friend is a 7 month old golden retriever named Cooper. Hope all is well there! Sending puppy hugs!! Sincerely, Remington and Ariel Redell


She's doing great! Potty trained within the first week pretty much, and she learned how to sit and shake. She did chew threw her metal crate and still tries to eat rocks though. Don't know how to stop that. She is doing awesome!! Best dog I have ever had.  Still to this day she has never made a mess in her crate, she is not a barker (she scares herself when she barks), she does great around kids and other animals she just doesn't realize how big she is.