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 Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel Puppy Health Guarantee

Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel has done everything possible to ensure that your new puppy is in good health and is well socialized. It is very important to your new baby's health that you continue to provide all necessary vaccinations, a healthy diet, regular veterinary care, adequate living conditions, and lots of TLC. To start off right, it is required that a licensed veterinarian examine all puppies within 48 hours of receiving the puppy. If the puppy is purchased or arrives to you on a holiday or weekend, the puppy must be taken to a licensed veterinarian on the following business day for an examination. If your regular vet is not available, you are required to take the puppy to another vet or this guarantee will be null and void. Your puppy's microchip number must be documented on every veterinarian record for each visit. It is your responsibility to make sure your vet documents the microchip number on all records at every visit. For this health guarantee to remain valid, owner must keep puppy up to date on all necessary vaccines and medications. We do not recommend the Lepto vaccine or Simparica Trio for puppies. They have many side effects including kidney failure and death. The Lepto vaccine is a non core vaccine meaning it is not required. If your puppy receives the Lepto vaccine or Simparica Trio, this health guarantee is voided. Each puppy will be checked by our Licensed Veterinarian before leaving us to assure they are free from visible signs of infection, contagious or communicable disease. Do not take your new puppy to public places unless absolutely necessary until he/she has received all four puppy shots/vaccinations (as recommended by us) to ensure immunity against disease. Your new puppy is guaranteed against life threatening genetic defects for the period of one (1) year from date of birth. If a life threatening genetic defect is found within that time frame and is verified by our licensed veterinarian, a replacement puppy will be given. For this guarantee to be honored, the puppy, all registration papers, and all veterinarian records must be returned to us. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. In case of death, an autopsy and post mortem diagnosis is necessary. All medical records should be sent directly to us from your vet. Our vet will review the report and have final say about the cause of death (genetic or non genetic cause). All veterinarian charges incurred by the purchaser are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will under NO circumstances be paid by us, Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel. The purchaser/owner of the puppy acknowledges that puppy ownership involves vet bills and fees. These vet bills and fees will not be paid for by Spencer’s Shady Grove Kennel.  A diagnosis of coccidia, giardia, parasites, kennel cough or any other type of bacterial infection does not render your puppy unhealthy. These items can be found on the ground, in water, and public places, and are treatable conditions. Parvo is also not covered by this contract/guarantee as the puppy would have only received 2 vaccinations (depending on age) prior to going to their new home. We vaccinate on schedule and will not, to the best of our knowledge, send out any unhealthy puppies. Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel is not responsible for any illnesses/diseases that the puppy could acquire after leaving our premises. All puppies are checked by our licensed veterinarian and are found to be in good health before leaving us. If there is anything found at their check up, you will be notified of that right away, before the puppy leaves us. Our puppies are bred to very high standards. Most have excellent conformation but we make no guarantee of show quality. Our main priority is to raise beautiful, healthy, happy companions. We cannot guarantee adult size, color, or temperament. We do not give breeding rights with our puppies. They are sold as family pets only. This guarantee applies to the original purchaser of puppy only and is not transferable. No payments or refunds will be given for any reason. No vet bills will be paid by us after the puppy leaves us and no refunds of deposits due to changing your mind, a change in living arrangements, or any other circumstances so be sure you are ready to adopt a puppy before making payment. In the event a life threatening genetic defect is found in the puppy's first year, a replacement puppy will be given. The replacement puppy given must be accepted within 6 months of the time the original puppy was found to have a life threatening genetic disorder and must be of the same breed and original price.

Thank you for adopting your new family member from Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel. We truly wish you many years of health and happiness together. The purchase of puppy shows agreement to these terms.


Tammy Spencer, Spencer’s Shady Grove Kennel

P.O. Box 702  Cabool, MO. 65689

417-962-3306  417-254-0385


Click on the Word DocX link to print the health guarantee signature form.

Spencer's Shady Grove Kennel
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